Technology evolves from the primitive through the complex to the simple.

Software that people really like to use... help improve your business

About Smart SOMA Solutions

Highly efficient business applications

User friendly software products help increase workflow efficiency and reduce costs.

  • Modern web interfaces
  • No installations on clients needed
  • Use your software instantly, no matter if PC, Mac, Linux, Thin Client, etc.
  • Use your (in-house) server, your homepage or the Smart SOMA Cloud

Our Services

Software Development

Individual programming to create software exactly for your needs.


The easy and exandable three-screen-CRM to manage and document all of your customer activities.


of user interface and source code of existing applications on the IBMi and other systems.


to create the best possible look and feel for your applications or web presence.


develompent and services.

ROHA SpoolMaster

the number one output management system for IBMi.

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